Other Services
- Porcelain
- Marble
- Fiberglass
- Vinyl
- Ceramic
- Terrazzo
- Travertine
- Quarry
Our trained staff will meet you at your home, and assess the risk and potential dangers that you, your loved ones or your guests may encounter.  You are under no obligation to purchase our services.  While we are at your home we will complete a demo and run a “test pattern” on your flooring or other pedestrian surface to determine the correct course of action.  After assessing your particular situation, we will recommend a treatment(s) tailored just for you.
- Whole home safety consultation
- Grab bar installation
- SCOF (friction) increase treatments
- Safety Product Sales

Five Step Process

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..."

Treatment types:

- Microscopic tread liquid treatment for mineral-based tile and porcelain tub surfaces.
- Clear coat topical treatments for all other flooring and fiberglass tubs/showers.
- Other topical treatments for special cases such as for pool/jacuzzi decks, ramps and garages.

- Metal
- Wood
- Laminate
- Others
- Granite
- Concrete
- Brick
- Acrylic
we treat:

* If needed

Residential Services

- Identification: Areas of concern
- Measure: Identify SCOF Value(s)
- Test: Run Test Pattern
- Treatment: Create Micro-Tread
- Follow Up: Maintenance*